1976: Antenna 2 boasts the "holiday on the Côte D'Opale"

Go on holiday on the Côte D'Opale? What unusual idea! Antenna 2 seemed to discover the beauty of the Nord Pas-de-Calais coast in 1976. A story that is supposed to denounce the clichés which would be victim this holiday destination.

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Reportage of Antenne 2 on the Côte D'Opale

When was this story?

It aired in the antenna 2 log July 31, 1976.

What is about?

A holiday on the Côte D'Opale. Daniel Bilalian, television news presenter for Antenne 2 says: "Sun, tanning… In general, the French descend towards the South. Others, fortunately, choose to go back to the North and the Opal Coast, of which little is known about the attractions." And the comment by journalist insists: "The French tend to ignore other riches and other charms as the Mediterranean, those of a nature more harsh and more invigorating, that found in the Nord and the Pas-de-Calais."

And the report attaches to try to break the shadow on the region where it rains all the time, where there are some heaps, where everything is flat… Tourists testify to their joy of being on holiday in the region.

What will we see?

Images of the Opal Coast in the 1970s. Field of wheat, village, beach and sea, camping, dune, forest, horse walkers… Léonce Déprez, Mayor of le Touquet, claims to want to preserve the opal of the betonnisation coast.

The opportunity also to review Raoul de Godewaersvelde. Singer ch'ti explains why he spent his vacation at Cap Gris nez, "the most beautiful country in the world".