The Paris Match magazine published a ranking of the 10 most beautiful beaches in France. Two ranges of the Pas-de-Calais are being honored: the beach of Cap Blanc-Nez, 1st of the classification and the beach of Berck/mer, 6th.

Photo: Nicolas Thibaut for Paris Match

"Looking for an idyllic, relaxing and worthy of the most beautiful postcards Beach? Discover our selection of the 10 most beautiful beaches in metropolitan France in pictures.

The France is equipped with real little corners of paradise. Through the English channel, North Sea, Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the hexagon thrills thousands of French and foreigners each year. It has major strengths that make it a destination of choice: its beaches. "Thanks to its unique coastlines, consisting of mountains, valleys, cliffs or hills beaches are all different than the other."

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