Discover calais Côte d'Opale and La Terre des 2 caps

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Discover calais Côte d'Opale and La Terre des 2 caps

Calais Côte d'Opale and La Terre des 2 Caps are popular places for nature and outdoor lovers, but they are also the ideal playground for a family holiday.

Calais Côte d'Opale is the ideal place to stay for families, there is always an activity to do.

From sports on beaches such as sailing, kite surfing or paddle boarding, to discovering the lace of Calais or playing on the beaches and bathing, there is no shortage of activities for entertainment.

Strolling near the harbour and meeting Myriam the artisanal mussel fisherman, climbing the 271 steps of the lighthouse and admiring the English coasts from above and the departure of the ferries and enjoying the magnificent panorama of the city and its monuments, it's quite an adventure.

Take a break to discover the famous fried mussels of the Hauts-de-France or enjoy a delicious artisan ice cream along the sandy beaches to admire the Dragon of Calais and regain strength to walk on the majestic cliffs of Cap Blanc Nez, this is what Calais Côte d'Opale offers you

Intercommunal Tourist Office Calais Côte d'Opale
12 Clemenceau Boulevard
03 21 96 62 40

I had been counting the days until the holidays for weeks.
A swimsuit, sneakers, a hat, binoculars… The suitcases are ready! Dad even packed backpacks for the scheduled walks.
Mom loads the car and we leave for The Land of the Two Capes! The journey is not very long, just an hour's drive with, next to me, my little sister Zoé.Je recognize the place, this is the second time we come here. All around, the landscapes are hilly and you can see the sea in the distance. Mom takes a little path in the countryside. Pretty stone houses line the road. We're coming to the lodge.

How quiet, how big! With Zoe, we each have our own room. As soon as we arrive, we run into the large garden; next door, in Leubringhen, there is a pedagogical farm. Mom promised to take us there. We're going to enjoy artisan ice cream with good cow's milk.

Every morning, Dad prepares breakfast with good regional produce. Bread from the Bakery of the Fournil, jam from the Farm of vivier and yoghurt from the Slack Fromagère Farm. A real treat!

We are ready for the first hike: towards Cape Gris-Nez, ten kilometers away. Once in the parking lot, we reach the lighthouse to enjoy the lookouts, all at the edge of the cliff. Up there, the wind is blowing hard. I try to observe the seagulls with my binoculars when all of a sudden Zoe notices two seals at sea. Incredible! At the bottom of the cliff, you can see their little heads dive and rise to the surface. After this wonderful show, we continue on the cliff, to a place called the Cran aux Eggs. Here, the rocks have been so polished by the sea that they look like big eggs. Offshore, the horizon reveals other cliffs, those of England. They are so close that I feel like I can touch them with my finger.

On the following days, the sun is always there. We got lost in the corn maze in Wissant, played at Swin Golf in Tardinghen and took a pony ride at Caval'Caps Warincthun.
As usual, it is Zoe who wins the competition of the most beautiful sand castle on the beach of Wissant. As a reward, we enjoy a waffle on the at the Opal Sands.

Before we leave, Mom and Dad take us to CAPland in Marquise. I was able to watch videos about the different types of landscapes in the area. Zoe listens to the birds while I let myself be told the legends of the country. There are even large tablets with games.
The week has passed so fast! We had fun, we laughed and we had such a good time with the family. Can't wait for the next holiday on The Land of the Two Capes!

Land of 2 Caps Tourism
Town Hall Square
62179 Wissant
03 21 824 800


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