The Tourist Office of the land of the 2 Caps, classified class I, belongs to the network
Tourist offices in France.


This Tourist Office is committed to:

  • Put at your disposal a reception area and a space easily accessible information,
  • Facilitate your efforts,
  • Offer you furniture to sit,
  • Free inform you about the local tourist offer
  • Display and distribute its opening periods expressed in two foreign languages at least.
  • Offer free access to wifi,
  • Being open at least 305 days a year Saturday and Sunday included in tourist season or animation.
  • Meet throughout the year to your mail,
  • Provide a required permanent home service by staff engaged in two foreign languages at least,.
  • The provision of tourist maps, plans and guides on paper,
  • Give you access to his trilingual website dedicated and adapted to the consultation via embedded media,
  • Disseminate its tourist information also on paper translated at least into two foreign languages on:
    -to emergency telephone numbers
    -at the events and animations
    -the monuments and tourist attractions cultural, natural or hobbies which may include
    the indication of rates of use, periods and opening hours to the public, internet site and
    contact information telephone and postcards;
    -all tourist accommodation classified with at least the name of the institution,
    the address, e-mail, the address of the site
    Internet, phone number, the level of classification;
  • Update annually its tourist information
  • Display outside the emergency phone numbers,
  • Introduce any offer described as its area of intervention for all clients
  • Give you access to the consultation of the availabilities of graded accommodation,
  • Process your claims and measure your satisfaction,
  • Provide a tourist information service incorporating the new technologies of information and communication (social networks, mobile, Geolocation…),
  • Meet the requirements of the trademark qualité Tourisme™
  • Put at your disposal a stay Advisor,
  • Ensure the reliability and timeliness of the information on the local tourist offer.

The Tourist Office of the land of the 2 Caps got the qualité Tourisme™ mark on October 3, 2013.
The qualité Tourisme™ brand is the culmination of a quality engaged for several years. It is a sign of national recognition and a guarantee of quality for customers.
Tourist offices which have obtained the QUALITÉ TOURISME™ mark undertake on:

  • The quality of the home
  • The comfort of the places
  • The information and communication
  • The competence of the staff
  • The valorisation of local resources
  • Customer satisfaction