Sustainable Development, what is it?

Green Earth


Over the last 30 years, the world’s population has increased by 79% and it’s going to increase further. So, how do we continue to have economic and social progress without putting our planet in danger? How should the wealth be divided between rich and less developed countries? How can we guarantee a minimum standard of living to the millions of deprived men, women and children at a time when our planet’s resources are being used at an unprecedented rate? And above all, how can we assure that we are leaving a healthy earth to our children? Sustainable development provides concrete answers to these questions. We can sum it up in one simple phrase: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. To achieve this, companies, public authorities and the public must work together to reconcile three worlds that have been separate for a long time: the economy, ecology and society. In the long term, sustainable development will not be feasible unless it is economically efficient, socially just and ecologically supportable. Each of us has a responsibility to do their bit towards the preservation of our planet… to find out more
Your environmentally friendly holiday:
Recognised as a “Grand Site de France” since 2011, La Terre des 2 Caps has views that will take your breath away. To help preserve this exceptional place, let’s all commit to sustainable everyday practices.
Notre Ami Walt proposes an environmentally friendly holiday that respects and conserves natural resources and contributes to economic development, helping residents, workers and visitors to thrive.


Here are Walt’s eco tips and tricks:  WALT

Here are Walt’s eco tips and tricks:
To become a true eco-citizen, check out the advice and guides issued by the Agency for the Environment and Energy Control (ADEME):
• Eco-actions for Residents
• Eco-actions for Gourmet Lovers
• Eco-actions for Tourists
• Eco-actions for Globe Trotters
Enjoy your holidays while helping a sustainable development initiative! With Walt’s help, the Tourist Office does the following:
1°) Educating the team about eco-managing an office:
Reduction of water and energy use
Improving purchasing policy
Reduction of waste
Following the Quality Approach
Promoting responsible tourist activities.
2°) Supporting Tourism Providers in their eco-initiatives:
Encouraging them to reflect on their practises
Helping them implement changes
Extending their sustainable tourism offering
3°) Educating visitors during their stay:
Developing the information on “Sustainable Development” available to the public
Encouraging tourists to adopt sustainable behaviours.
If you have a question, Walt will be happy to answer it: