Prints and cuts the cards of the game of the 7 families!

A family consists of 6 members:

  • A grandmother's card
  • A grandfather card
  • A motherboard
  • A father's card
  • A girl card
  • A wire card

Start a game game of the 7 Families:

First, one of the players distributes 7 cards to all participants. The rest of the cards act as a pickaxe. To start a game, the first player asks the person of his choice if he has the card he wants (example: In the "ALL IN THE UAE" family, I would like the father). If the questioned player has this card, he must give the card to the player who asked the question. If he does not have the card, the first player must draw a card.

If the player draws the card he wanted at the pick, he must say aloud, "Good pick!  and can play again by asking one of the players for another card.  If he does not draw the desired card, he passes his turn and it is up to the player to his left to ask for a card of his choice.

Attention! A player can only request a card from a family if he already has one in his game.

If a player has an entire family (the 6 cards), he puts the family in front of him and the game continues until there are no more cards to draw. All that remains is to count how many complete families each player has.

How to win a portion of the 7 Families:

The winner is the one who at the end of the game has the most families ahead of him.